Accoya Screens


Accoya Screens

Create that perfect outdoor living area by enclosing your patio, balcony or verandah with our Accoya Timber Screens.

The screens are made up of sliding panels that can be opened to allow free access into your outdoor area or closed to create a sheltered area on your patio. 

When the panels are closed you can adjust the louvers open or closed to control how much of the outdoors you want to let in.

They are durable, require little maintenance, are easy to clean and suitable for coastal conditions.

Sliding Screens

Sliding screens add living area to your home and thereby create value in your property. In addition, they provide privacy from neighbours, are stylish and add aesthetic appeal to your home.
On days of bad weather, you can adjust the louvres closed and enjoy the outdoors regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for the day. 

On hot summer days you may wish to create some shade while still allowing natural air flow through the louvres and keeping your entertainment area cool.

The louvres can be arranged in a separate top and bottom section to allow the louvres to be opened and closed separately.


  • Available in a top hung configuration, typically with a single, double or triple track. 
  • A Folding and stacking configuration can be provided of this would be more suitable for the application 
  • Hillaldam sliding gear is used as a standard due to its robust construction and suitability.
  • Choose between a surface mounted or recessed bottom track.
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