Living Room Shutters


Living Room Shutters

Living Room Shutters are a feature and add style and chic to your living area. They complement both classic and contemporary furnishings perfectly and are sure to be the envy of your friends.

Living room shutters are a perfect solution for bay or sash windows, providing privacy, infinitely adjustable light and stylish alternative to curtains and blinds whatever your style.

Why let the direct sunlight ruin your furniture or fade your carpets. Fitting shutters will allow you to adjust the louvres to the right angle so that light and air can enter the room but direct sun light is avoided. This will also keep the interior cooler as there is no radiant heat generated from direct sun light.

Do you get reflections or a glare on the screen while watching you favourate TV program? Fitting shutters will allow you to adjust the louvres and eliminate reflections and glare on the screen.

Shutters are perfect for creating partitions between different room, for example between a lounge and dining room.

Choose between our finely crafted Earlswood Shutters range of solid wood shutters that are finished off with UV stabilised Plascon paints to the colour of your choice.

Alternatively our Aluminium Shutters or Security Shutters which look like our traditional wooden shutters except that they can be locked to give you piece of mind that if a window or door is open for ventilation intruders cannot gain access to your living space.

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