Bedroom Shutters


Bedroom Shutters

The stylish look and flexibility of Shutters make them the ideal choice when designing or decorating your bedroom.

Shutters provide privacy while still allowing natural light and airflow to enter the room. Open the louvres fully during the day to allow the light to flood into your bedroom and close them at night to darken the room. You can control the level of privacy by adjusting the louvres to an angle where light can still enter the room but the outside world cannot see in.

Shutters are very practical as they require no maintenance and are easy to clean, simply dust or use a damp cloth.

They do not retain dust in the same way that curtains do which is helpful for those who suffer from dust allergies.

Shutter can be integrated with block out roller blinds to completely block out light – ideal for a baby’s nursery.

Shutters take up less space than curtains as they fit into the window recess whereas curtains are normally hung to the side of the window.

They are a good thermal insulator which helps to keep the room cool in summer and prevent the warm air from escaping in winter.

In addition to thermal they are also a good noise insulator, ideal if you are next to a busy road.

Choose between our finely crafted Earlswood Shutters range of solid wood shutters that are finished off with UV stabilised Plascon paints to the colour of your choice.

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