Bathroom Shutters


Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom windows are probably the most difficult windows in the home to find a suitable window dressing.

Fabric curtains and roller blinds are not practical due to the moisture that is present in the bathroom.

Shutters are clearly the best option. The louvres can be adjusted to provide privacy while still allowing light to enter the bathroom. The shutters panel can be spilt horizontally into a top and bottom section. The bottom section can be closed to provide privacy while to top section is fully opened to allow light to stream into the bathroom – this cannot be achieved with any other window dressing.

Alternatively consider fitting shutters to the lower half of the window only and leave the top of the window completely open to allow plenty of light in.

Choose between our finely crafted Earlswood Shutters range of solid wood shutters that we will coat with 3 coats of a durable polyurethane coating making them more resilient to moisture ingress.

If the shutters are lightly to get wet, for example if they are installed in a shower then choose our waterproof Aluminium Shutters – no matter how much water is splashed onto them they will remain looking good for years to come.

Or consider our Security Shutters which are lockable and will allow you to leave the bathroom windows open all the time and allow the moist air to ventilate out of the bathroom.

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