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SlimLine Metal Doors - The Design

Metal Framed windows and doors first appeared on the market in the late 1800’s and were the de facto standard in buildings for many years.

Once considered rather clunky and impractical the designs have come a long way and metal windows and doors are making a comeback today.

The slim profiles finished with large panes of glass bring a contemporary industrial look to your home, office, or workspace. 

The range of options available affords you the freedom to dramatically change the feel of your space. You can create partitions where you need them, but also maintain an open-plan feel with the free flow of light.
As a standard all our doors are fitted with toughened safety glass unless a higher level of security is required, then the doors will be fitted with laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass stays intact when is broken thanks to the plastic film sandwiched in the centre. This makes it difficult for an intruder to make a hole to climb through.
An extensive range of architectural window films are available to allow you to create a degree of privacy or your own unique look.

All our products are custom made to order to meet your exact measurements and particular requirements.

Hinged & Pivot Doors

Our Hinged and Pivot doors draw on the stylish industrial aesthetic look to give your home or workspace a stand-out look of quality. Choose between single doors or double French-style doors.

If you are after a more bespoke look then you can mix and match the doors with fixed panels to the side of the doors, building a unique combination to divide up your space while allowing the maximum amount of light to keep your rooms bright in very corner.

Hinged doors can be fitted with a roller catch and handles to allow the door to be opened and closed freely. Alternatively, the door can be fitted with a lock to provide a higher level of security – this is ideal as a security barrier in a passage separating the sleeping area from the living area in your home.

Like the hinged door, the pivot door can be fitted with a lock to allow the door to be locked when in the closed position.


  • The maximum door width is 1000m and the door height is 3000mm
  • Choose between single or double doors, depending on the width of the opening.
  • The hinged door is fitted with hinges and can be opened in one direction.
  • The pivot door can rotate in both directions and can have a soft close system incorporated in the mechanism.
  • Two types of pivot systems are available, one that is recessed in the floor, also commonly known as a “floor spring” and the other is concealed into the bottom of the door which obviates the need for making a hole in the floor.
  • Pivot doors come standard with a larger bottom frame, this is optional for hinged doors.
  • As an alternative to the 25mm “T Bars”, 16mm or 20mm flat bars can be provided.
  • The standard colour is Matt Black, other colours are available on request.

Sliding & Folding Doors

Sliding doors make a wonderful room divider, whether as a concealed pocket door or as part of a bi-parting configuration. The innovative style and design allow you to bring in natural light while taking up minimum space and thereby providing a feeling of spaciousness.

You can combine them with our internal fixed partitions, bringing you infinite flexibility to create a unique partition for your internal space.

Sliding doors offer an easy way to add separation and style to bathrooms, closets, bedrooms and the like. They are versatile, take up very little floor space and ideal for small or awkward spaces. Different window films can be applied to the glass to provide an element of privacy but still allow for natural light flow.

With folding doors, also called bi-folding, the doors can be folded and stacked to the side of the opening maximising the opening between the two areas.

Both sliding doors and folding doors can be used externally to enclose a patio area and thereby increase your living area. Closing the doors will provide protection from the elements but still provide a sense of spaciousness. Sliding or stacking the doors to the side of the opening will allow free movement in your entertainment and living area.


  • The maximum door width for sliding is 1500mm and for folding 800mm
  • The maximum door height is 3000mm
  • Hillaldam top hung sliding & folding gear is used as a standard due to its robust construction and suitability.
  • One, two or three track systems are available which will allow a maximum of six sliding doors. 
  • Different bottom guides and tracks are available depending on the application.
  • Barn door track systems are also available.
  • As an alternative to the 25mm “T Bars”, 16mm or 20mm flat bars can be provided.
  • The standard colour is Matt Black, other colours are available on request.

Partitions & Screens

Fixed partitions bring a contemporary look to your home, office or workspace.

A fixed partition can be installed between two rooms or it may be inset into an opening in a wall. 

This allows you to create additional space, light and a sense of height in your home, office or workspace.

Make a statement in your bathroom by creating a fixed shower screen. The aluminium profiles are powder coated, anticorrosive and therefore will not rust.

You can choose the position of both the vertical and horizontal T Bars creating or own unique look.

The fixed panels can be used outdoors as a screen on a verandah or patio. This allows you to enjoy a sheltered area without surrendering your sense of spaciousness.


  • The maximum panel width is 1500m and the panel height is 3000mm
  • The fixed panels can be used in conjunction with hinged, pivot and sliding doors
  • As an alternative to the 25mm “T Bars”, 16mm or 20mm flat bars can be provided.
  • The standard colour is Matt Black, other colours are available on request.
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