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: What is your delivery time?

: The delivery time for our locally manufactured Earlswood range is typically 20 working days from date of order and finalisation of all details and measurements.Since these shutters are locally manufactured we are able to accelerate the delivery for urgent requirements.Our Craftwood , Artwood  and Phoenixwood shutters are imported and the delivery lead time is 35 working days from date of order.

: Can I have my shutters painted in a colour of my choice?

: The Earlswood range is manufactured from Basswood and is locally spray-painted using high quaility paints sourced from local reputable suppliers.We can paint in the colour of your choice and can match the colour of exisiting walls or furniture, as required.The Craftwood, Artwood and Phonixwood shutters are available in a wide range of standard colours.

: What timber is used for the manufacture of your Earlswood® Range?

: Our locally manufactured Earlswood® range is manufactured from Basswood which is a premium and clean straight-grained wood that is uniform in colour and chosen for its stability and proven resistance to warping.The Basswood (Tilia) tree is native throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, Asia, Europe and North America and carries a Forest Stewardship Council certificate which ensure that the timber is planted and harvested in an environmentally appropriate manner.

: Will shutters add value to my property?

: Without a doubt  – they are custom made and therefore a permanent feature of your home and will add resale value – Estate Agents love them.

: Can I put shutters in a bedroom, as a form of light blockout?

: Shutters are not blockout due to tolerances required for louvre movement and the opening and closing of panels. We make an effort keep the tolerances to a minium to limit the amount of light coming through. If necessary we can integrate blockout behind the shutter panels to block out all light

: .Can shutters be used to keep monkeys out?

: Yes, shutters are very effect way of being able to let light and air movement through an open window but prevent monkeys from gaining access.